RISE OF UNIVERSE: the blockchain game star in 2022

In 2022, the NFT project entered a new outbreak stage, the gamefi track was fully hot, and the play to earn mode promoted the development of blockchain games to a new height.

RISE OF UNIVERSE: the blockchain game star in 2022

However, at present, most blockchain games in the world are still in the white paper stage, and the vast majority of blockchain games are still in a simple game introduction, with no actual games to play.

Strictly speaking, such a blockchain game is not a real blockchain game, but a scam in the name of blockchain game. Therefore, in such an environment, the market urgently needs a real blockchain game. In the Philippines, many people earn high income by participating in axie blockchain game, and blockchain game is also considered by most metauniverse practitioners as the best key to open the metauniverse.

RISE OF UNIVERSE is a new battle game based on the BSC blockchain platform. The game has launched a number of hero characters, skills and props with rich playing methods and grand background. Players can create their own battle team by combining different cards. They can improve themselves and obtain NFT character cards, token STW of strom engine and token Rou of game governance by killing boss, breaking through customs and other activities.

In RISE OF UNIVERSE, the whole game takes NFT as the value circulation carrier of game assets and play to earn as the core operation mechanism of the game. Players promote the development of the whole game world by participating in the plot of the game. In RISE OF UNIVERSE, players can have their own NFT heroes and experience different game worlds. In RISE OF UNIVERSE, there is no time limit and economic limit. Whether you are a “big player” or a “small player”, you can seek a high sense of experience of the game in a balanced way.

In RISE OF UNIVERSE, the token rewards obtained by players can be used to activate new heroes, buy heroes in the trading market, and even buy other blockchain games and props or products in the ecosystem of storm group. In storm group, RISE OF UNIVERSE is the first flagship game of the group to enter the field of metauniverse, which will invest a lot of financial and human resources for in-depth operation, RISE OF UNIVERSE will also become the most anticipated blockchain game star in 2022.

Rou is a token in the game of RISE OF UNIVERSE. The operation team has designed a set of unique incentive and application reward schemes for it to promote the circulation of Rou, and will build a unique game ecology of RISE OF UNIVERSE on this basis. According to reliable sources, rou will be released on BSC and gradually reach cooperation with multiple blockchain encrypted wallets to build a perfect game ecosystem.