Koala Arithmetic Mining Platform welcomes major changes: a new system upgrade to create cloud computing power mining

Koala Arithmetic Mining Platform is an innovative global blockchain mining financial service platform whose purpose is to redefine the mining machine industry ecology based on blockchain mining. At present, the ecological sector includes: mining machine trading, mining machine leasing, mining pool services, cloud computing power trading, etc.

KOALA is the only circulation medium of the Koala Arithmetic Mining Platform. Users can use KOALA to directly obtain computing power and use it to pay for electricity bills, custody fees, service fees, etc., thereby redefining the value of the mining industry and ultimately creating a centralized computing power service, financial A blockchain computing power financial service platform integrating service, circulation service and information service. The main purpose of Koala Arithmetic Mining Platform is to solve several major pain points currently faced by the mining industry, so that more global users can participate in it at a low threshold and enjoy the dividends brought by blockchain development.

Koala Arithmetic Mining Platform welcomes major changes: a new system upgrade to create cloud computing power mining

With the advent of Web3.0, Koala Arithmetic Mining Platform has launched a new upgrade of the Koala system. This upgrade indicates that Koala Arithmetic Mining Platform will build a distributed privacy computing cloud network composed of hundreds of thousands of miners around the world to realize cloud computing. Invisibility and trustlessness of computing.

Cloud computing mining is a mining method with low cost, low wind power, and low cost. Cloud computing power mining has a low threshold and high efficiency. The mining farm obtains computing power by running large and efficient computing cores, and distributes and rents computing power to a win-win model.

Koala Arithmetic Mining Platform launched a cloud computing mining model, which integrates the computing power generated by its own mining machines and sells it to investors. Cloud computing power mining lowers the threshold for participants, while providing users with considerable benefits. It can be regarded as the securitization of computing power, so that ordinary people can also enjoy the dividends of mining!

Koala Arithmetic Mining Platform welcomes major changes: a new system upgrade to create cloud computing power mining

The advantages of the newly optimized cloud computing mining system of Koala Arithmetic Mining Platform:

There is no need to buy a mining machine, the initial investment is small, and the threshold is low.

There is no need to bear additional risks such as mining machine failure and performance loss, or to invest in post-maintenance costs, and the investment stability is high.

After the contract ends, there is no need to deal with machines, venues, etc., and exit is more flexible

Koala Arithmetic Mining Platform has its own mines, which have been operating for a long time, have experienced certain market cycles, and have the ability to maintain and stabilize market fluctuations. Since its establishment in October 2019, Koala Arithmetic Mining Platform has maintained a good reputation in the industry. Koala Arithmetic Mining Platform chooses the global mining machine giant Antminer as the computing power supplier, which can strengthen the integration of its resources in the industrial chain, so that users can obtain high-quality resources at low prices, obtain stable and reliable services, and make it easier to realize cash. .

Koala Arithmetic Mining Platform takes it as its mission to provide customers with better services and more secure guarantees, and to provide customers with open, fair and transparent real mining services. High-performance network, unlimited expansion space, and diversified system ecology, Koala Arithmetic Mining Platform creates the core of empowerment in the era of digital assets