BSC will be launched in April, ERC, Heco, BSC, TRC four chains will be issued at the same time

The Coinbasis native token BasisCoin (abbreviation: BSC) is scheduled to be launched in April and will be launched on the four chains which are ERC, Heco, BSCand TRC.

Coinbasis is an encryption platform jointly launched by the Australian bitcoin mining hardware giant Bitfury, FlashFX, AgriDigital and Othera, which is dedicated to the layout of the distributed storage ecosystem and the establishment and trading of distributed storage financial derivatives. It has been licensed the ASIC.

BSC provides users with liquidity mining and lowers the entry threshold for blockchain mining. At the same time, BSC will continue to expand its own financial services and products, including miners, mines, mining pools and mining machine manufacturers and other members of the ecosystem, to provide a full range of financial services and support.

The BSC ecosystem will greatly promote the exchange, interaction, flow and storage of existing value attributes of blockchain and digital assets. New assets will also be created through contracts and allocations. BSC will also create applications in the form of decentralized, market-based management protocol to provide unique incentives for global digital economy participants.

In Coinbasis, users can not only participate in mining to obtain mining income, but also participate in mining compound interest investment at any time, enjoy the value-added income of BSC, and realize double income. Users can enjoy the distribution of mining income by holding BSC tokens in their wallets, and there is no time period limit. Fund management is flexible and convenient. At the same time, through the income enhancement mechanism, they can enjoy higher mining income distribution.

Moreover, as a liquidity mining token, BSC can be freely circulated and traded in the secondary market at any time, which means that users can sell and transfer the power in their hands at any time, which greatly improves the liquidity and flexibility of funds. It is also more conducive to miners to do risk control management!

BSC adopts Trusted Equity Proof of Stake Consensus (TDPOS) – a secure, reliable, robust and flexible consensus protocol. Compared with the traditional consensus mechanism,TDPOS ensures the reliability of distributed data sources through hierarchical trusted consensus and hierarchical auditing strategies, and ensures the fair rights and data privacy of participating nodes. At the same time, the transaction performance of more than 1 million TPS is fully qualified for high concurrency sharing ecology.

With the continuous development of BSC, the number of institutions entering the BSC platform will continue to increase, and finally a diversified ecosystem will be formed. Users who hold BSC will also enjoy certain rights and privileges in the many ecosystems that will access the main chain in the future, such as discounts on exchange fees and discounts on mining pool fees. BSC will cooperate with more ecosystem institutions through the main chain, thereby giving BSC more rights and use value.

All in all, BSC will be a new force in the current blockchain field that is worthy of our expectation and participation.

Let’s keep an eye on what’s new in BSC.