BKEX Futures Ambassador Recruitment is up!

1.Introduction of BKEX

BKEX Futures Ambassador Recruitment is up!

BKEX Global takes product innovation as the core of its development and is committed to promoting the globalization of cryptocurrencies through a diverse, deep and comprehensive derivatives ecosystem. Currently, BKEX Global holds MSB license issued by FinGEN, a subsidiary of the U.S. Department of the Treasury, and has established the BKEX Sunshine Fund to fully protect users’ assets. More than 70% of BKEX technicians are from Microsoft, Xunlei and other leading platforms in the blockchain field. Currently, BKEX has developed technologies such as multi-signature, offline signature, and layered architecture to ensure the security and stability of the system.

BKEX uses AWS Infrastructure Security and Services, an Amazon Web Tier 1 security service, which automates security tasks that would otherwise be performed manually, filtering Web requests based on IP addresses, HTTP headers, HTTP body text or URI strings to block common attack patterns such as SQL injections or cross-site scripting. Also all BKEX systems require multiple authentications for access, including hardware authentication.Individual systems can only communicate with each other through approved and supervised channels.

BKEX has a 100,000 tps aggregation engine system, which makes BKEX trading system extremely fast and reliable. This advantage not only enables more tradings and operations to be completed per second, but also significantly improves the efficiency of the platform for each open and close position, fund storage and other audits.


  1. Advantages of BKEX Exchange


1、The world’s leading cryptocurrency service platform


BKEX was established in 2018. It has been operating stably with “0” accidents and has been certified as one of the top three crypto information platforms in the world. It has powerful risk control system, with the use of cutting-edge technology to ensure the safety of each asset worry-free.


  1. Abnormal price protection, 100% guarantee for tradings


BKEX adopts a special price protection method. If the price difference between the latest trading price and the index price on BKEX is greater than 2% due to extreme market, and users suffer asset loss due to trading at an abnormal price, BKEX will compensate for the partial loss of the price difference caused by the abnormal price. BKEX established BKEX Sunshine Fund in 2019, which is a security fund specially used to protect users’ assets. BKEX Sunshine Fund is regulated by a third-party authority. If there is a major abnormality on the platform, you can request the third-party authoritative agency to conduct an investigation. After the verification of the case, users will be compensated.



3、Five years of stable operation, authoritative full-line inclusion


CMC and CoinGecko, as the world’s leading crypto information platforms, all have extremely stringent inclusion conditions, with extremely high audits on indicators such as trading volume, user volume, asset strength and comprehensive security. BKEX hopes to work hand in hand with more ambitious people to develop into one of the top ten exchanges in the world and provide cryptocurrency trading services to more general public users worldwide.


CMC Accreditation: The most visited platform in the global cryptocurrency industry

BKEX Futures Ambassador Recruitment is up!


Coingecko Accreditation: One of the world’s most authoritative crypto information platforms

BKEX Futures Ambassador Recruitment is up!



III. Advantages of BKEX Exchange


  1. Standard Contracts


1-100X leverage is supported at BKEX, with three types of orders: limit, market and stop-limit.


Close-All, Take-Profit, Stop-Loss and etc are support at BKEX.


Dutch Auction: Binance maintenance margin is forfeited once the trigger price is reached, BKEX close 50% of the maintenance margin first, the rest of 50% will continue to be used to maintain the position, which is more user-friendly.


Multi-position mode: Multiple orders of different trading pairs in the same direction will not be merged, Multi-position mode is taken as default at BKEX.


  1. Crazy Futures


Up to 500X leverage, providing users with higher funds utilization.


Up to 5% of additional bonus can increase users’ profit significantly.


0 funding fee rate, lower cost of holding long-term orders.


Minimum maintenance margin is 0.1%, which makes it harder for futures to be liquidated.


High trading depth and low slippage.


3、Copy Trade


The industry’s top senior trader is stationed on BKEX to provide a live single service.


Beginners can earn a great deal without taking detailed lessons about Futures Trading and keeping their eyes on the market from time to time.


Invite others to cope orders, you can get 2% profits of the invitees.


You can quickly select the trader as your will.


Contract cope order supports “adjust the leverage”, “fixed margin” and “fixed ratio” and other functions, and you can close positions at any time.


  • Crypto-Loan


Stake idle spot assets.


The loaned funds can only be used in futures market.


BTC, ETH, FIL, BNB, and SHIB are supported for staking.


Small amount of loans can be granted immediately. Up to 15 minutes the large amount of loans need for manual review.


The stake rate is as high as 70%. The higher the stake rate is, the more USDT that can be lent.


  1. BKEX agent commission advantages and privileges.


High commission


The commission rate is higher than that of all exchange platforms on the network, up to 85%.


Fast settlement


Settlement of the commission of previous day at 2pm every day.


Nice Experience


BKEX has the best servers in the industry and four dedicated fibre-optic lines, making the system stable with a minimum latency of 8 milliseconds, allowing users to trade more easily and smoothly.


Low slippage


Slippage protection, compensation for slippage of more than 8/10,000%.


Various activities


BKEX will launch different activities every month to help agents better.


  1. Comparison of commission on various exchange platforms



Platform Level Rebate Ratio Requirement Trading Volume Requirement Handling Fee Rebate Income
Binance Binance Angel 30% Quarterly/100 people >500BTC 2500U 750$
FTX Knights 40% None >50 Million$ 2500U 1000$
OKEX Node plan 45% Quarterly/50 people >50 Million$ 2500U 1125$
BKEX Agency Plan 80% Quarterly/10 people >50 Million$ 2500U 2000$


In the current bear market, BKEX is recruiting for a wide range of positions to expand its global business, to occupy overseas markets and build a global team to achieve our goal of providing crypto trading services to more international users. BKEX is currently open for a number of different positions such as Global Ambassador, Brand Ambassador and Agent Support Program, and offers high salary rewards and high commission incentives. Join BKEX and change your income bracket, start a new life experience! Be the first one to join and take advantage of the market!


BKEX Futures Rebate Registration Link: https://h5.bkex.pub/extenal/register/PMHKRGP3


BKEX Futures Telegram Group: https://t.me/BKEX_Futures


BKEX Futures Twitter: https://twitter.com/BKEXFutures



BKEX Futures Team