CoinFans ( Shenzhen Digital Mining Summit 2021 successfully concluded

On the afternoon of March 17, Beijing time, CoinFans ( held the “2021 Digital Mining Summit” entitled “Win-win for the future” in Shenzhen.


At the meeting, CoinFans CEO James Cao and many other executives attended the meeting. In addition, more than 50 industry elites, customers and strategic partners, including BTC.COM CEO Zhuang Zhong, Antpool co-founder Tian Xin, Shanghai Wayi co-founder Li Peicai, and Guihua Technology co-founder Xiao Guihua, gathered at the summit.


At this 500-person summit, James Cao and other well-known companies delivered live speeches and shared the new trend of digital mining.

CoinFans ( Shenzhen Digital Mining Summit 2021 successfully concluded

(The scene of the 2021 CoinFans Shenzhen Digital Mining Summit)


01 Entering a mature period, the global mining industry has quietly changed

Finding direction is a new hot word in the bull market.


“Bitcoin will reach US$300,000 in the third halving cycle.” James Cao made no secret of his optimism about the future trend of Bitcoin.

He mentioned that since last year, he has been reminding supply chain partners to increase production capacity to meet this bull market.


“At present, the digital currency mining industry has entered a mature and stable period of scale. With the global digital currency market value approaching 2 trillion US dollars, the global computing power distribution pattern has undergone new changes: the scale of overseas computing power is gradually expanding, and at the same time Mining concept stocks are gradually emerging in the US capital market.” James Cao said. This means that the mining industry has entered a new stage of globalization.


James Cao clearly mentioned the future business focus of CoinFans at the meeting. He said that Hashrate will be a core of CoinFans’ continued rooting, and plans to enrich ecological partners in the fields of Cloud hashrate, mining pools, mines, and energy reuse.

CoinFans ( Shenzhen Digital Mining Summit 2021 successfully concluded

(The scene of the 2021 CoinFans Shenzhen Digital Mining Summit)


02 The rise of standardized Cloud hashrate products


From the analysis of many participants, it is not difficult to conclude that in today’s mining industry, globalization and specialization are already an irreversible wave. Among the partners in China’s planned expansion of mining pools, mines, and energy reuse, the Cloud hashrate business is likely to benefit first.


Why is it a good business to do Cloud hashrate now?


This is because specialization makes the threshold for mining higher and higher, and it is often difficult for ordinary users to complete the independent layout of global mining and large-scale operations.


The Cloud hashrate platform, which distributes hashes in various places, just meets the needs of retail investors and institutions for “distribution.”


In addition, the skyrocketing price of Bitcoin since the bull market and the limited production capacity of mining machines have brought new “contradictions”: on the one hand, new miners are eager to enter the market quickly, and on the other hand, the ideal benefits that old miners have already obtained from mining are also Hope to sell part of the value-added computing power to ensure profit margins.


Moreover, the users brought by Cloud hashrate are not only helpful for the sales of mining machines, but also for the mining farms and mining pools in the upstream and downstream of the industry, driving the value-added of the upstream and downstream industries.


CoinFans also successfully stepped on this wave of Cloud hashrarate bonus.


At present, many standardized Hashrate packages on the official website of CoinFans ( have been sold out. After several replenishments during the period, short-term Hashrate packages are still in short supply. According to reports, the CoinFans Cloud hashrat product has already exceeded 10 million yuan in sales within 3 days of its launch.


In order to further stabilize the supply of computing power during the high water period, CoinFans has just recently ordered an additional 8,000 mining machine Ant S19Pro, which will be delivered in June 2021.

03 CoinFans ( wants to be “Alibaba” in the mining industry


In terms of products, CoinFans (’s Cloud hashrat product also follows the rules of low threshold and flexible cycle. Currently on its official website, product types cover a period of 30 days to 720 days.


James Cao shared at the summit that CoinFans has 5 major advantages: standardization of mining machines, preferential prices for mining machines, direct operation of computing power suppliers, and stable power in the mines.


In the future, CoinFans hopes to build itself into “Alibaba” in the mining circle, and provide direct-operated venues for Hash suppliers (mines, mine owners, etc.), and various computing power suppliers can open stores on CoinFans under their own brands. CoinFans mainly provides support for traffic, technology, and operations.

CoinFans ( Shenzhen Digital Mining Summit 2021 successfully concluded

(The scene of the 2021 CoinFans Shenzhen Digital Mining Summit)


It is understood that computing power providers can connect to the CoinFans platform within 3 days, and can be sold within 5 days of online testing, and CoinFans does not limit the number of units sold. Suppliers can freely set prices and choose a sales cycle of 30 to 720 days. And free custom inventory.


According to James Cao, CoinFans has a comprehensive rating system for rigorous selection of mines, involving site compliance, power stability, mining machine warranty, mine size and guarantee funds, etc., to ensure that the computing power delivered to users is in compliance and stable. CoinFans owns a number of large mines located in Xinjiang, Sichuan, Guizhou, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, and other places, with a total load of 1.2 million kW, more than 100,000 mining machines, and a professional team.


04 Win-win cooperation, business experience of distribution cooperation


To stabilize the abundant Hash supply, the next step is to develop channel capabilities and sell computing power products.


CoinFans ( is making efforts to find computing power distributors, and tool platforms such as exchanges and wallets are its target customers.


CoinFans will help partners of different platforms and different service providers, based on cooperation, not only to provide the underlying technical support but also to tailor customized services for customers. Partners only need to consider that sales do not need to be distracted by too many things. Standardization is not only reflected in CoinFans’ own products, but also provides the most standard and complete cooperation business opportunities for CoinFans partners.


According to James Cao, in addition to providing users with a platform to purchase Hash, it is also necessary to create a one-stop service experience for users. At present, CoinFans is making efforts to cooperate with third-party service providers in finance to meet the needs of users and create a win-win mining ecosystem.