Dig Deep Credit Evaluation System Value, Coke Wallet To Create Block Chain Wallet New Track

In recent years, the influence of digital currency in global politics and economy has been rapidly increasing, which has brought great impact and change to the existing international financial system. At present, the number of global digital currency exchanges has exceeded 20000, basically growing at a rate of more than 3000 per six months. Although a series of important regulatory policies have had a great impact on the market, there are no signs of cooling the trading and circulation of digital currencies. Digital currency trading is a global act. At present, more and more financial institutions are beginning to provide bitcoin-based services around the world.

Dig Deep Credit Evaluation System Value, Coke Wallet To Create Block Chain Wallet New Track

At present, more and more financial institutions around the world begin to layout block chains to provide investment and trading services for encrypted digital currencies. Among them include DBS Bank, Gray Trust, PayPal 、 Canada Toronto Stock Exchange and other large institutions. By the penetration of the underlying technology of the block chain, the payment trading industry has a new development direction. With its distributed, decentralized, traceable and non-tampering characteristics, the payment settlement provides more real-time, secure and transparent services. Also for Coke Wallet (COKE WALLET) to create a new international payment and settlement system laid the foundation.


Direct hit market pain point, industry shuffle is coming

Over the past few months, both head exchanges and small and medium-sized exchanges have been plagued by a variety of “Black Swan Events “, which have been bad for investors.

The head exchange bears the brunt, the negative storm frequently shows the face. From the OKEx suspension of the user coin incident sensational coin circle, to the fire coin repeatedly by the “Black Hand” at the expense of legal protection of goodwill, although on thin ice, but still in constant condition.

In this context, survival seems to have evolved into a synonym for industry shuffling, and development is an industry-wide “Stress Test “. A big shuffle is about to begin, and those who can’t get on board will gradually fall behind.


Frozen Cards become the norm, Coke Wallet broke out

At present, the outstanding problem of legal currency trading lies in the uncertainty of the direction and legitimacy of trading funds. A large number of OTC businesses undertake illegal business, unknown funds into the digital currency, resulting in the seller’s user funds freeze, resulting in serious losses. COKE WALLET aiming at the trading market, with advanced technology, leading the times, breaking out.

COKE WALLET is the world’s first wallet based on credit evaluation system, which C2C digital assets anonymous legal wallet, based on block chain distributed storage, core banking and other bus design concepts, to solve the second-level transactions between digital assets, settlement.Through the independent payment system, more signing and other accounting technology, to ensure the payment of funds security, convenient, simple operation.


COKE WALLET Technological Advantages

  1. One-Stop Asset Management

COKE WALLET unified management of a variety of digital currencies through a wallet APP not only supports the storage and management of mainstream assets such as Bitcoin and Etheric coins, but also supports standard protocols for intelligent contract platforms such as Ethernet and Achain、Kchain, and rapidly increases tokens issued based on each platform. While reducing the burden of user management, it also provides wallet service support for new project fundraising, making the project team more focused on core services.

  1. Decentralization Services

Adhering to the core meaning of the block chain, the COKE WALLET provides users with a decentralized digital currency storage scheme. The wallet key and the address private key information of all types of currency are stored in the user’s local system. At the same time, the COKE WALLET provides a convenient key backup scheme. Users can restore all kinds of digital currency assets with backup mnemonic words only once.

  1. Multiple Security Guarantees

Besides giving users full control of wallet keys, COKE WALLET also provides multiple signature technical support and two-step authorization verification for different sizes of digital asset management. Users can choose to carry out Google verification code, fingerprint, living body and other verification methods when transferring transactions, and ensure the security of digital money assets in all directions. Provide bank-level security for global users, so that user assets storage is secure and assured.