Breakthe financial spell and the world has brightened – the GSA GalacticPact

Whetherit’s the ICO frenzy of 2017 or the ubiquity of blockchain apps today,the opacity of project fundraising usage seems to have become thenorm. The Galaxy Convention sees this as highly irresponsible tocommunity members and investors. Therefore, the establishment andapplication of the decentralized financial system of the GalacticConvention will break the financial curse and restore the world tothe light.

Breakthe financial spell and the world has brightened - the GSA GalacticPact

Accordingto the Galactic Convention, the operation mechanism of the doublecirculation system of the galactic host star and the galactic starwill bring the value of the card to the utmost, and make all assetusers feel the infinite charm endowed by technology to finance.

Value= power

Withinthe Galactic Compact financial system, all galactic rights will bevested in the GMS and GSA.

Themaster GMS will pledge liquidity to dig out minerals from the GMS andthe GSA, which will be distributed among a large number of users andgive holders project rights. In other words, the user’s currency islinked to power, while avoiding the monopoly of power in GSA.

Destruction= Contribution

Inthe galactic Convention’s commercial ecosystem, holders would berequired to destroy a certain number of tokens in order to receive areward for their destruction = contribution. Because based on thecore principle of fairness and justice, any user who gains ecologicalrewards through mobile pledge mining needs to make a win-wincontribution to the whole community (galaxy). In terms ofcontribution, users’ participation in the construction and sharing ofprojects is their best contribution and greatest contribution to thegalaxy ecology.

Ecology= Business

Theapplication ecology of galactic Convention is necessarily acommercial organization that adopts commercial operation mode anddecentralized and open governance method to make profits for allusers of the galaxy. Therefore, the ecological construction of GSA isessentially a commercial activity, and commercial activities musthave external natural funds as the source of commercial profits. Tothis end, GSA will provide colorful and interesting products toensure that the project ecology has a healthy and sustainable profit.

Valuecycle =DAPP

Inthe galactic Compact decentralized financial system, DAPP is both anoutlet for value and an entry point for value. The application ofGALAXY Convention DAPP will first attract large-scale users ofdigital domain assets, who will acquire GMS through pledge forliquidity mining and obtain high-value GSA for internal circulation.At the same time, the user GSA will form a higher net profit valuethrough the application scenarios in DAPP and the externalcirculation of the global larger trading platform. That is to say,the participation of the whole people in the Galaxy Convention DAPPis equal to the continuous accumulation of assets of the wholepeople, to truly realize the maximization of the significance ofdigital value.

Era,science and technology development progress and financial innovation,the galaxy convention will be in line with the fidelity of mentality,the initial feelings, let go of all unnecessary distractions, slowlybut surely the momentum to forge a distributed decentralization andthe Milky Way galaxy that everyone can participate in, all can use,all can exchange, everyone can benefit the polymerized, securityplatform of global finance.

Notafraid of the present, not afraid of the future, galactic Conventionis welcoming you!!