Hong Kong Web3 Festival Concludes with Success: CoinW Unveils Highlight Moments in 2-Day Extravaganza

The “Hong Kong Moment”: 2023 Hong Kong Web3 Festival Convenes Global Web3 Community.

Hong Kong, known as a hub for technological innovation, played host to over 100 esteemed Web3 events and conferences in April, with the pinnacle being the 2023 Hong Kong Web3 Festival. Spanning from the 12th to the 15th of April, this worldwide Web3 consensus event brought together tens of thousands of practitioners and enthusiasts from around the globe to explore the latest developments in the Web3 industry. CoinW, a prominent player in the virtual asset realm, also organized a series of Web3-themed events, featuring renowned founders, investors, regulators, experts, and scholars who gathered to deliberate on the new opportunities and tracks emerging from the Web3 New Deal, as well as the leading trends shaping the virtual asset landscape.

CoinW Sets the Stage for “Highlight” Moment with 3 Web3-Themed Events in 2-Day Extravaganza

Hong Kong Web3 Festival 2023 Unveils with Stellar Lineup: Over 300 Industry Leaders Convene for Groundbreaking Discussions

This momentous event organized by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs, HashKey Group, and W3ME, the “Hong Kong Web3 Festival 2023” commenced on April 12th. This landmark Web3 Festival drew together more than 300 industry leaders, founders of well-known blockchain projects, investment institutions, representatives of regulatory agencies, experts, and scholars to engage in cutting-edge discussions on the future development of Web3. Through 5 high-profile meetings, nearly 10,000 participants were immersed in the latest advancements in Web3 technology. With its impressive scale and esteemed attendees, the “Hong Kong Web3 Festival 2023” has quickly emerged as one of the largest cryptocurrency events in Hong Kong, setting a new precedent for the global Web3 community.

CoinW made a significant mark during the prestigious Hong Kong Web3 Festival 2023 by organizing three consecutive events in just two days. On the evening of April 13, CoinW partnered with ChainDD, Broadchain Finance, and 1783 DAO to host an exclusive private party titled “Web3 Night in Hong Kong”. The event saw participation from esteemed government officials, regulatory agencies representatives, experts, scholars, founders of well-known Web3 projects, and investment institutions.

Hong Kong Web3 Festival Concludes with Success: CoinW Unveils Highlight Moments in 2-Day Extravaganza

During the event, CoinW’s listing business director provided a comprehensive overview of CoinW’s development history and listing policy, while also sharing insights on the future prospects of the Web3 market. The gathering provided an opportunity for the guests to collectively explore the evolving landscape of the Web3 era, including its development path and innovation opportunities amid changing dynamics. CoinW’s contribution to the Hong Kong Web3 Festival 2023 highlights its commitment to fostering dialogue and collaboration within the global Web3 community.

More than 50 industry guests and representatives from various companies gathered on the evening of April 14th for the Hong Kong Web3 Festival Yacht Private Yacht Party. The event, co-organized by CoinW, PANONY, and TingTrader, took place aboard the “Cheung Po Tsai” yacht, an ancient hand-built vessel docked at the No. 9 public pier in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Web3 Festival Concludes with Success: CoinW Unveils Highlight Moments in 2-Day Extravaganza

Amidst an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere, attendees enjoyed the breathtaking scenery of Victoria Harbour and engaged in discussions about the latest developments and opportunities in Web3. Industry leaders and experts based in Hong Kong used the occasion to share their insights and perspectives on the new opportunities and tracks arising from the new Web3 policy.

As CoinW looks to the future, it remains committed to fostering a thriving community of Web3 practitioners, creating an environment that promotes knowledge exchange, collaboration, and innovation. By offering a comprehensive suite of educational and networking resources, CoinW seeks to empower industry professionals to stay informed, connected, and engaged in the rapidly evolving world of Web3.

CoinW’s continued efforts to build an exceptional platform for the Web3 community reflect its unwavering commitment to providing value-added services and opportunities for professionals in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. With its dedication to excellence and innovation, CoinW is poised to play a significant role in shaping the future of the Web3 landscape.

CoinW expands into Hong Kong and is proactively engaging with relevant authorities in the region

Since the issuance of the Hong Kong government’s policy declaration on the development of virtual assets in October of last year, Hong Kong has been steadily positioning itself as a global hub for Web3 technology. With its lenient regulatory environment and free economic genes, the region has been attracting an increasing number of Web3 companies, including CoinW, as well as top Web3 talents, to its bustling landscape.

According to recent reports, CoinW is diligently working to capitalize on the opportunities presented by Hong Kong’s virtual asset development. In an effort to provide compliant and secure services to users in Hong Kong and around the world, CoinW has been engaging in effective communication with relevant Hong Kong authorities and actively pursuing qualifications and licenses required for operating a cryptocurrency trading platform in the region. To ensure compliance with Hong Kong’s financial regulations, CoinW has also engaged the services of experienced lawyers and compliance professionals. Furthermore, CoinW has plans to establish a localized trading service center in Hong Kong, with a focus on providing encrypted asset trading services for institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals in the region.

As Hong Kong’s Web3 era prepares to flourish, CoinW remains committed to fostering collaboration among Web3 companies to drive innovation and promote the growth of the Web3 industry in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Web3 Festival 2023 marks just the beginning of a revolution that is brewing in the East, paving the way for the exciting future of Web3 technologies.