Come to Coinbetter to share 10,000 ZTB airdrop benefits

In order to give back to the new and old users of the platform, Coinbetter has started the registration transaction sending activity from 00:00 on March 22nd, 2022 to 00:00 on March 25th, 2022.




As can be seen from the Coinbetter announcement, there are two forms of airdrops for 10,000 ZTB benefits. It is understood that the airdrop token ZTB is the only dedicated crypto token of the ZSC smart chain, with a limited total of 210 million pieces and will never have additional coins issued. According to Coinbetter, the historical highest price of ZTB is 3USDT. Affected by the current bear market, the current price is 0.09USDT (as of the time of writing), which is at the bottom. It is conceivable that in the future, ZTB has a lot of room for improvement.




The first is the registration delivery, that is, starting from 00:00 on March 22nd, 2022, each of the first 20 registered users can get 15 ZTB, and up to 300 ZTB can be airdropped through registration delivery. If you are new to Coinbetter, this will be a great opportunity to get involved;


The second is the full transaction, which is the platform’s benefit for old users and the highlight of this airdrop event. Excluding the 300 ZTBs registered for airdrops, the remaining 9700 ZTBs will be airdropped in the form of full transactions. The time is limited and the opportunity is rare. If you are an old Coinbetter user, congratulations, you can enjoy the airdrop income through trading. During the event, if the cumulative transaction volume exceeds 500U, you will receive at least 15 ZTB airdrop rewards. The more transaction volume, the more ZTB airdropped.


When you trade a total of 100,000 USDT, you can get a maximum of 250 ZTB. According to the current ZTB price of 0.09 USDT (as of the time of writing), the airdrop value of ZTB obtained is 22.5 USDT. Unlike the sign up event, there is no quota limit for the full transaction event.



Of course, if you are a new Coinbetter user, you can also enjoy the double airdrop rewards of registration and full transaction. It is conservatively estimated that you will receive at least 30 ZTB airdrops and a maximum of 265 ZTBs, which is definitely a great value for your participation in the transaction experience.


Friendship is one of Coinbetter’s three major labels. Since its establishment in 2018, the platform has always respected the rights and interests of every new and old user on the platform, insisted on giving back the value of the platform to the value creators, and looked forward to Coinbetter’s ability to bring you all in the future. More offers and benefits.


If you have any thoughts and questions about Coinbetter’s open registration transaction to share 10,000 ZTB welfare airdrops, you are welcome to contact us. Coinbetter market brand cooperation email:, looking forward to communicating with you.