HyperVerse and Genaro Network Establish a Strategic Cooperation for Decentralized Cloud Storage

According to official news, HyperVerse announced that it had reached a strategic cooperation with Genaro Network, an encrypted storage public chain platform.

HyperVerse and Genaro Network Establish a Strategic Cooperation for Decentralized Cloud Storage

Through this cooperation, both parties will work together to establish metaverse WEB3.0. In the construction of metaverse, decentralized blockchain cloud storage is an integral part of it. Genaro Network will provide HyperVerse with decentralized encrypted storage service, and furnish users with efficient and safe storage of massive data. In terms of data security, it is able to protect user data from being lost, and guarantee that the ownership and control of encrypted data are in the hands of customers and will not be tampered and stolen by any individual or third party. There is no need to worry about the privacy and security of data, the user experience of NFT, metasurverse and Defi products can be improved, and the threshold for users can be lowered.


HyperVerse’s data applications will also be deployed on the Genaro Network’s decentralized encrypted storage public chain platform, instead of relying solely on a centralized data platform, so that the application won’t execute the maliciously attacked data in a trusted network data environment.


Meanwhile, the cooperation between HyperVerse and Genaro Network will turn over a new leaf for HyperVerse’s metaverse ecology. Genaro Network aims to provide a more secure and efficient cloud storage solution for crypto assets in HyperVerse’s world, so as to better facilitate the development of metaverse and Web 3.0.

HyperVerse and Genaro Network Establish a Strategic Cooperation for Decentralized Cloud Storage

Strategic Cooperation

Based on the facilities of Web3.0, metaverse is not only used to satisfy the needs of game, entertainment and social interaction, but also to build a digital world parallel to the physical world.

By using the efficient cloud storage technology of Genaro network, we can satisfy the increasing data storage needs of metaverse and Web3.0 chain, and effectively guarantee the security and effectiveness of data asset storage. In HyperVerse’s world, NFT has a wide range of application scenarios and storage demands. HyperVerse selects Genaro Network as its cloud storage provider, to better build HyperVerse metaverse and reach two-way interaction with users on the basis of Web3.0.


Genaro Network (gnx)

GenaroNetwork, a two-tier intelligent data ecology associating decentralized storage with public chain, has initiated a low-energy and sustainable hybrid consensus mechanism of SPoR (SentinelProofofRetrievability) + PoS (ProofStake), which ensures security and enhances performance. Genaro is committed to building a distributed shared cloud and provides  a one-stop development platform for developers. This platform can deploy smart contracts and store data needed by Dapp concurrently and provide everyone with a trusted Internet to connect the real world with the blockchain world through data.


Technical advantages:


Genaro modified the use of file sentinels to better suit distributed systems through the combination of PoS and SPoR, and analyzed the major ways of attacking PoS and proposed relative schemes, thus enhancing the ability to defend against replay attacks.

Through a combination of time and space, every time a file is found to be retrievable, it will be time-labeled to ensure that the file will only be checked once when it is retrieved. The means by which the number of times the miner is asked multiple times is reduced, thus increasing network stability.


Introduction to HyperVerse


To provide users with a decentralized platform to socialize from around the world and play to earn, the HyperVerse is establishing a metaverse with the integration of NFTs.


In this virtual multi-planet metaverse, users can connect with friends, experience different cultures and lifestyles, create NFT items, start businesses and explore the universe. The HyperVerse provides a fair chance to every resident in the galaxy, with the community being governed by users with HyperVerse Token (HVT).


HyperVerse Future

HyperVerse will continue to seek more strategic partners and release and launch more planets. In the technical wave of metaverse and Web3.0, it meliorates the ecosystem of life and commerce, enriches users’ overall experience, and creates a more sophisticated virtual metaverse world.  Let’s witness a new wave of technological innovation in the future!